We long for those who call Eastside home to know their presence at our church matters deeply.  If we truly are all members of the body of Christ (1 Cor. 12), that means each of us brings something unique to our community. Every time someone joins Eastside, we literally become a different place than we were before. God has called each of us to steward the gifts and  abilities He has given us for the good of others around us. We all need each other if we're going to become the people God intends; therefore, we hope you'd consider getting connected in Open Tables and Discipleship Groups at Eastside.

Open Tables center on these three values:

  • Welcome - Reflecting the Hospitality of God
  • Story - Connecting through Sharing Stories
  • Life - Investing Consistent Quality Time

At an Open Table, you can expect an informal gathering (usually in someone's home) where we simply enjoy being together and developing the trust and consistency required to build the deep relationships we all need.

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Discipleship Groups center on these three values:

  • Authentic - Living honest, transparent lives with trusted friends.
  • Accountable - Submitting to the Leadership of Jesus Christ and His Word
  • Active - Pursuing Gospel-Driven Obedience
Discipleship Groups are consistent, smaller, same-gendered group gatherings that seek to put into practice the abundant life that is offered to us in Christ -- one where we experience being known and loved deeply by God and others.

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