What to Expect at ECC

Eastside Community Church exists to glorify god by making disciples who are daily learning to follow Jesus, living the gospel together, and authentically loving our neighbors.
Worship Together on Sunday: We gather on Sundays at 10am to worship Jesus through singing, sharing stories, preaching, and prayer at 1503 Colonial Rd, Memphis, TN 38117.

Parking: Eastside Community Church is privileged to partner with Colonial Baptist Church.  They have graciously allowed us to worship in their gym.  Please park in the southernmost parking lot so that we might be a blessing to Colonial.

Worship Together Every Day: We love Sundays, but we strive to be a church that looks beyond our Sunday service.  Our hope is that what it means to be the church would be visible to those around us throughout the week in the ways we are daily learning to follow Jesus, living the gospel together, and authentically loving our neighbors.

No matter who you are, you are welcome at Eastside Community Church. We encourage you to come to church as you are. We’ll have coffee and childcare available and we are excited to get to know you.

Each week we worship by singing together to remind one another of God’s amazing grace because he is worthy of our praise. Often a story of his love and grace is shared by one of the members of Eastside. We hear God's word preached, followed by a time of responding and remembering Jesus together. Also, our elders are available for prayer when needed.
Eastside desires to be a welcoming family of diverse believers in Jesus Christ. We also celebrate those with doubts and questions or who join us as they investigate Jesus for themselves. Sundays are for celebration, for hearing the Bible taught so that we might learn to follow it and to live the gospel out together in our everyday lives.  We desire to glorify God and to respond to who He is and what He has done.

We believe that we can encourage and specially bless one another in light of our differences and see each life stage, culture, and gender as an important piece of being able to worship God truly. No matter who you are, we are glad you came. Come this Sunday and celebrate and learn with us.

We love Sundays because it is an opportunity to gather together and celebrate the good news about Jesus. We need and want to remind one another of what Jesus has done for each of us.  We also love for others who are thinking through what they believe to see us live out in small ways what it means to follow and worship Jesus! We believe that our street address is just a building, but when God’s people gather that He promises to be among them in a special sense.

Welcome! We desire to be a church family who lives out the simple reality of the doormats in front of many of our houses. We long for all of our neighbors to feel welcome and wanted at our tables.  We want to look like Jesus who was the truest of friends and the best of neighbors!

At the same time, for those who have decided to follow Jesus, we want to take seriously together what that commitment means. We long to see the good news of Jesus transform us and send us into every day with purpose.
In light of those two great desires, we encourage you to consider getting connected and building relationships at an Open Table, or going deeper in your faith commitment as part of a Discipleship Group!

email: info@eastsidememphis.org if you are interested in an Open Table or connecting for Discipleship.

Open Tables are regular group gatherings (in homes) centered on these 3 values and practices:
Welcome - Reflecting the Hospitality of God
Story - Connecting through Sharing Stories
Life - Investing Consistent Quality Time

We want to welcome one another with joy, and welcome our neighbors into relationship with God and His people.


Discipleship Groups are regular, smaller, same-gendered group gatherings centered on these 3 values and practices:

Authentic - Living in the Light
Accountable - Submitting to the Leadership of Christ and His word
Active - Pursuing Gospel-Driven Obedience
We believe that gathering in smaller groups of men or women where we are authentically living in the light, accountable to Christ's leadership through His word, and actively pursuing obedience to Jesus in response to His love for us is the heartbeat of our growth in Christ.

1. Sundays are for worshiping Jesus together.
Through teaching, music, testimonies, and celebrating, we aim to keep the focus on Jesus. We strive for life-changing gatherings. Our music and preaching is never for the sake of a show, but for pointing everyone to the greatness and love of God. We want to clearly and consistently communicate the good news of Jesus to all who gather with us.
2. Sundays should make sense.
Typically we will preach straight through books of the Bible with occasional timely topical series from scripture. Any Sunday you visit will have biblical teaching that is gospel-centered. We offer age-appropriate curriculum for children centered on building biblical foundations. We have great teachers and classrooms meant to teach and care for your children, not just babysit them.

3. Sundays are essential but not sufficient.
Sunday is an opportunity for us to communicate the unchanging gospel in a fresh way. We keep it simple. We gather. We sing. We listen to God's word preached. We respond together in giving and communion. We do the same things Christians have done for centuries. Sundays are great for doing these things, but they aren't conducive to everything a Christian needs. Getting to know people and be connected to our community can certainly start on a Sunday, but we work hard to provide opportunities for new people to join in our other gatherings as well throughout the week.

Eastside Community Church provides children’s ministry each Sunday morning for infant through 4th grade children. Children can be checked in beginning at 9:45am each week and can be picked up by returning their check-in tag to the children’s ministry team after service. While in ECC Kids, your children will both experience and be taught the Gospel message through age-specific teaching from The Gospel Project that dives deep into the Big Story of the Bible — God’s plan to rescue His people through His Son Jesus Christ.
Before coming, we would also love for you to read through our Children’s Ministry Policies and Procedures. They will share more about how we seek to provide a safe, loving environment where your kids will feel firsthand the love of Jesus through those serving in our ministry. As well, it should be noted that every person who serves with children at ECC is background checked, individually vetted by our staff, and held accountable to these policies.

For more info or with questions, you can always email us.

We hope to see you soon!