Community and Groups

Community at ECC

Welcome! We desire to be a church family who lives out the simple reality of the doormats in front of many of our houses. We long for all of our neighbors to feel welcome and wanted at our tables.  We want to look like Jesus who was the truest of friends and the best of neighbors!

At the same time, for those who have decided to follow Jesus, we want to take seriously together what that commitment means. We long to see the good news of Jesus transform us and send us into every day with purpose.

In light of those two great desires, we encourage you to consider getting connected and building relationships at an Open Table, or going deeper in your faith commitment as part of a Discipleship Group!

Email: if you are interested in an Open Table or connecting for Discipleship.


Open Tables are regular group gatherings (in homes) centered on these 3 values and practices:

  1. Welcome - Reflecting the Hospitality of God
  2. Story - Connecting through Sharing Stories
  3. Life - Investing Consistent Quality Time

We want to welcome one another with joy, and welcome our neighbors into relationship with God and His people. 


Discipleship Groups are regular, smaller, same-gendered group gatherings centered on these 3 values and practices:

  1. Authentic - Living in the Light
  2. Accountable - Submitting to the Leadership of Jesus Christ and His Word
  3. Active - Pursuing Gospel-Driven Obedience
We believe that gathering in smaller groups of men or women where we are authentically living in the light, accountable to Christ's leadership through His word, and actively pursuing obedience to Jesus in response to His love for us is the heartbeat of our growth in Christ.


Please list your available days throughout the week. This helps us connect you with an Open Table or Discipleship Group.